Our cheese dairy

    After a long time our big dream – our own little dairy – is finally established and has got the final approval from the Spanish Veterinary and Food Administration J!!

    Oselund Gedeosteri is making different kinds of organic gourmet cheese of the milk from our own organic goats, only adding lactic acid culture and rennet.

    From stable to table has finally become a reality !

    The organic milk flows from the dairy stable, where our goats are being milked, directly into the cooling tank where the milk quickly gets cooled down to 5 degrees.

    The dairy process starts with the milk being pumped through the pasteurising system, heating up the milk to 72 degrees for 30 seconds, to provide a higher quality.

    After pasteurisation, the milk is being filled into the cheese vat where lactic acid culture and rennet, are added under careful stirring.

    When the curd is ready, it is poured by hand into the hoops.

    The hoops are being turned around a couple of times during the next hours before the cheese is being laid into salt brine overnight. 

    The cheese is afterwards put on stock where it is checked and turned frequently, because it is stocked naturally and without any kind of surface treatment.