About us

    We are a Spanish-German family, consisting of Jose and Barbara Silva and our 5 children, Sara, Aitor, Caren, Borja and Bertha.

    We live on a farm located in an area of natural beauty near Granada to be precise.

    Our farm is also Jose’s ancestral farm.

    Jose and Barbara met for the first time in the fall 1991, when Barbaras family from Schwerte in Germany had a car problem on their way to a holiday home at Granada. When the lights and windscreen wipers went out, the only light in the stormy night came from Jose`s farm nearby. Jose offered the stranded tourists to sleep on the couch and helped them transport the car to a garage the next day.

    Finally, arrived at their holiday house, a thank-you-card was sent to Jose and in April 1992 Barbara started working as trainee on Jose`s pig farm.

    During the following year, Barbara went to Spain during all vacations and in 1993 she permanently moved to Spain. One year later, Jose and Barbara got married.

    In the following years the farm gradually changed and became a real family and animal farm with children, dogs,

    Because of health-related problems we chose to stop the pig farming in 2011 and instead we switched to organic farming and raising dairy goats and suckler cows.

    In the subsequent period we visited many different dairy goat farms in Spain, Germany and Holland. Not only did we see different kinds of dairy goats but also different milking systems. We chose the Dutch dairy breed named Saanen because of their beautiful white coat and in particular their amazing milk yield.

    But all beginnings are hard and bureaucracy is even harder – and therefore some months went by before we could experience the first 100 dairy goats in our barns.

    In the meantime we had converted parts of our pig houses into loose housing systems for the goats and an effective milking parlour with space for 48 goats per milking was also finished.

    In the spring 2012, our first organic goat kid was born,

    and our dairy goats from Holland were for the first time in their lives let out on grass, which they in the beginning preferred doing with a little “company” J.

    During the summer and fall, we tried a lot of recipes with goat milk and goat cheese.

    “From stable to table” has been the idea with our products and one of many reasons that we decided to build our own little organic micro farm dairy.

    In 2012 Oselund Gedeosteri finally became reality !!